Bringing Technology to Construction

On the job, I always thought there had to be a better way to see who had which tool. I grew tired of signing off on time sheets; I had difficulty even remembering to writing my own times down. Back in the office I never had an accurate picture of the profitability of our jobs, our tool inventory was a mess.

We decided to see how we could fix it.

First, the solution had to be mobile. So, we looked at an app for smartphones. All our company phones were already android, and any employee that did not have a company phone usually had a smartphone. We decided to create an app for the smartphones that connected to a site that would automate a lot of stuff we already did manually through paper. We started with timesheets, then decided to track our tools, then managed to track receipts.

We kept going.

We added extras and deficiency tracking to the app. We allowed supervisors to clock in entire crews. We added scheduling. Additionally, the cloud platform has a built in estimating and invoicing program. The invoicing program is great for Time and Material jobs, and eventually we’ll have progress billing.

Site2Site is your one stop solution to solve many of construction’s problems, and it only requires that your employees have smartphones. Doesn’t matter which one. We’re on android, blackberry and iOS. In a remote area? Doesn’t matter, we made it so our app can work offline and uploads the information once there is an internet connection. Don’t know who has which tool? Site2Site has you covered. Don’t know where your guys are? Site2Site has you covered. Want automated timesheets? Site2Site – you guessed it – has you covered.

The key here is the process. We’re construction people, building a tech platform for construction people. We know the issues, as we experience them everyday ourselves.

Right now, we’re offering our platform at a heavily discounted rate. Contact me any time through phone (289 314 6794) or email ( and let’s have a conversation.