How to Export Your Data from Site2Site

You asked for it, we did it.

Site2Site has created a way for you to export your data out of Site2Site, so you can use that data for whatever purposes you want. Specifically, a lot of our customers want to enter their timesheet information directly into their accounting program. Due to the vast amount of different accounting programs, the easiest way to export out information and import the data into an accounting program is through the .csv file format. Basically, the .csv format separates data with comma’s in a table format that can be read by multitudes of different programs.

Basically, the .csv file format is a universal method of transferring database information.

So how do you do it in Site2Site? Well, it’s pretty simple.

First, click the “Settings” menu option as shown below:

Next, on the “Settings” Page click “Export/Import Data”. This is where Site2Site has all importing and exporting of data functionality built.

On this page you will see “Timesheets” and beside it “Export”. Click this button. A popup will appear that looks like the following:

Basically, here is where you will be able to select options of the data download. You can select the date periods, select users (default is all), select jobs (default is all), and then the specific fields you wish to select such as Hours, First Name, Last Name, Job, Task, Date, and others. The Show Headers button will put column headers on each column if you press it when you download.

After this, click submit. There you have the data download. You can open it up in a lot of different programs, most common is excel. Format the data to however you need it to be imported into whatever program you wish.

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