Managing Permissions with Site2Site

We’ve had a few questions about managing permissions with Site2Site lately. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to manage who can see what on the Site2Site platform. First, lets go over a few basics. When creating a user, under the select authorization drop box, there are three options: Standard, Admin, or Organizational Admin.

The Standard access allows users to access only their own timesheets on the web platform, and all features on the app except for the features listed under the Supervisors’ menu on the app. With the Admin option, the user can access everything except for being the capability of adding another Administrator. ¬†Organizational Admins have access to everything on the platform.


So how do you assign specific permissions? It’s quite simple. On the menu, click the “Settings” option. There you will see a button called “Permissions”. Click that. Once you click you’ll see two overheads buttons. One says “Groups” and the other says “Users”.

Under Groups, you can create a group that will give permissions of that group to the users in it. Create a group, then click on it and select the permissions you wish to assign to that group. Then, you’ll have the option to add users to that group. Under the “Users” button, you’ll have the opportunity to give specific users specific permissions.

That’s it! Let me know if you have any questions as you can email me direct at