Your Supervisors Job Notes – Done for You

Often, clients will ask for documentation to note job progress. This is typical of Project Managers, especially when conducting commercial, institutional or governmental work. However, during the course of a job it’s difficult to document progress – especially with paper. Handwritten notes are often difficult to read, and often paper will be lost, and paper needs to physically stored taking up space.

That’s why Site2Site created jobsite notes, and now has a quick method of exporting the notes into a PDF – which can be sent to a client or whomever you wish. First let’s start with the app:

Slide out the Menu from the left hand side, and select the Supervisor option. You will see the Supervisor Menu, which has several options:

Clock Employees In/Out: This allows supervisors to clock in other employees all at once, and then clock them out.
Job Notes: This is what we’ll be focusing on today. Basically, this allows supervisors to write notes for the job.
Job Schedule: This allows supervisors to check off when tasks (cost codes) are completed, and add progress pictures for the task.
Deficiencies: These can be added by the supervisor, pictures can be added, and also they can edit and check off the deficiencies once completed, punch list style. Additionally, employees can clock time towards deficiencies
Extras: These can be added by the supervisor, pictures can be added, and also they can edit and check off the deficiencies once completed, punch list style. Additionally, employees can clock time towards extras.

Today, we’re going to talk about job notes. First, click on the “Job Notes” button. Then click the job that you are going to write a note for. After this, you will see a list of any notes related to that job, along with a large green plus button. Should you click on that, that is where you can add a new note. To edit a note, just click on an existing note. To mark a note as important, click the exclamation mark, and lastly to delete one click the trash can.

To view, add, edit, or print job notes on the website, simply login, on the menu click “Jobs”. Select the job you wish to see notes for. Once on the page scroll down until you see the table called “Job Notes”. There you will be able to view the job notes. The plus button will create a popup window to input a job note. You can view job notes by click “Previous” or “Next” to view the notes by individual weeks. Or you can view all the job notes by clicking “All” instead of “Filter”. Lastly, you can print off job notes in a date range, or all of them, by clicking the print button right next to the plus button. Print them off, or make them a PDF which will download, into your downloads folder, which you can send to anyone.

More updates to come, next week we have one of our biggest updates launched since Site2Site was created – so stay tuned!