Solving Timesheets

Timesheets remain one of the more antiquated aspects of many industries, especially construction. Paper timesheets remain the norm for many companies. There are many problems with paper timesheets:

  • They aren’t accurate. Many times workers will inaccurately report their times, what type of work they are doing, an even the job they are on. How many times have workers tried to remember what they did in the last week, or last 2 weeks before they submitted?


    Do your timesheets look like this?

  • Paper timesheets do not give the company an accurate up to date picture on up to date job costing. If every week or two weeks timesheets come in companies do not know if they are on budget on a certain job until timesheet submission. If you have a program that automatically tells you real time job costing, why wouldn’t you use it? To get an accurate picture of job profitability instantaneously is crucial for management.
  • It’s paper. It can get lost, dirty (especially considering they have to survive a construction site), become barely legible (handwriting can be difficult to read dependent on the person). An electronic version is always there, readable and reliable.

Solution? Well – we built an app for this. A few things had to be considered. The app had to work offline or without a connection to the net. It had to simplify clocking in and out for the guys in the field and make it as easy as possible for them, while at the same time provide maximum amount of information to the company.

Mobile Clock InWe did that.

We made a large button to clock in and out for the guys, and they simply select the job and task. It’s easy, it’s simply, and it provides enough information for real time accurate job costing.

Site2Site is a system made by construction people who have had years of experience in the field and office, for construction people. Give me a shout at if you want more information, or just talk about framing a house.

A lot easier for everyone.