Safety Costs Way Too Much. It Shouldn’t.


It’s a word that has been thrown across every industry, and is often repeated much across the construction sector specifically – often with a sense of disdain. With more regulation hitting the construction industry, safety is often something that comes with a bit of a sigh. More reporting, more costs, less margin. If you’re in construction, you get it.

The biggest problem in Safety today, is the amount of paperwork and documentation required to implement a program successfully. It’s an insane amount. Binders and binders of papers – so we at Site2Site decided to do something about this. We created our own robust platform that is suitable for all needs.

Now if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking “Ah, another blog post thats an infomercial”. Well sure, we’re all trying to sell something aren’t we? But we built our product differently than a lot of other safety programs out there.

First, we built it alongside our project management platform. That way, if your guys are clocking in and out in site2site, we can use that data to automate reporting in safety. Second, we allow you to create your own reports, and auto fill a lot of the fields.

We did our own case study, we found that in 109 working days, a company saved 5.73% of a supervisors time, which came out to be around 25 – 30 minutes a day of one supervisor. Crunching a few more numbers, we saved 1.73% of costs compared to revenue and when compared to gross profit on the job we saved 13.28%. Savings mostly were realized in time, as construction field personnel could continue working without having to fill in paper. In addition to this, we estimate savings could occur in the office as paper demands collection, reinput, analysis and filing. Site2Site automatically does this.

End of the day, we can offer a very inexpensive solution that can get your safety program going – and not cost you on the bottom line.





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