Tool Tracking

The same question is on every foreman’s, carpenter, plumber, electrician, or laborer’s mind.

Who has what tool and where can I find it?

I experienced it. I didn’t know who had the company’s concrete vibrator – even though we had two. It sure wasn’t in the shop. Who has the generator? I can’t find it. The Hilti’s in the shop? The good ones are all taken, the rest don’t work. I needed a solution.

Mobile home screenSite2Site worked to fix this.

The solution had to go beyond just cataloging the tools. We needed to figure out a system that could show who had what tool, what job the tools were on, and maybe for a bonus, the length of time the tools were on what job. Decrease the endless amount of calls made to track down who had what was the end goal.

It’s all about streamlining communication.

So we did it. It’s really simple, easy to use. See that giant scan button? That’s all everyone has to do, scan a barcode on a tool. If you hit the tools button, you’ll see all the tools everyone else has, what job they’re on. Done with a tool? Done with a truck? That’s great. Returning a tool back into the shop is as simple as scanning, just hit the x button. Wait, you can’t see that page.

Guess you’ll need to download the app to find out more. Contact me at for a free account.