Integration with Intuit Quickbooks

Site2Site is a platform that automates communication of vital information from the field to the office.

We’re about to automate a lot more.

Thanks to the amazing team at Intuit Quickbooks, we’re planning on integrating our platform with their accounting platform.
What does this mean? Well, all the timesheets from your employees will no longer have to manually be inputted into your Quickbooks accounting platform. We’re going to do it for you. In addition to this, we are planning on supporting both the desktop and online version of Quickbooks, to ensure all our clients no longer have to manually input information concerning hours worked by employees.

We just attended Intuit Thrive┬áin which we talked to many Quickbook’s users who see a need for our product, and are excited to use it.

The integration will make a seamless experience for Site2Site customers. With our platform, Site2Site already automates tool tracking, job information, timecards and provides real time job costing along with many other features. With Quickbooks, we’re working hard to ensure timesheet data associated with jobs are exported into your accounting program.

Keep following our updates, more to come!