Your First Account is Free.

We’ve made a big change here at Site2Site, something we’ve been working on for a while. Now, if you go on our website at site2site.comĀ , you can quickly sign up and view the whole platform.

Wait, what does that exactly mean?

2016-02-28 21_43_16-Site2SiteBasically, your first account is free. To add new users or employees we charge a subscription fee annually, or if you prefer to pay monthly the option is available as we realize that construction can be seasonal.

However with your first account, you have access to everything. Input your jobs, your cost codes. Create pieces of equipment, or add contractor information. Test out how everything works on the app available on both the Apple and Android, and don’t worry – the Site2Site team is happy to help with any questions you have along the way.

Why did we open up the platform? Well, we are the first construction tech company allowing people to quickly sign up quickly for free for total access. The reason we did that, is we are confident that once you see our solution and realize how easy it is to use, you’ll realize Site2Site is the best construction app and system on the market.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at, I’m always available.