We’re Changing the Game with Job Information

Job communication is always a pain. I can’t count the number of times I didn’t even know the address of the next job I had to go to, or what was done on the project before I came onsite. Even as a supervisor, I constantly was trying to find numbers of the usually 10 plus various trades onsite and usually I would simply write their phone numbers on a piece of wood, which always disappeared.

It’s unorganized. It’s inefficient. It quite simply wastes your time not to have all the job information immediately available.

m-jobSo, at Site2Site, we thought why not put all the necessary job information in the palm of your hand – in your phone.

The key for job information is that it has to be quickly accessible in one place, and you shouldn’t have to click a lot of buttons, dig through binders, call the office, or scroll through your contact list to find the person to call. Or input an address on your GPS, or even call the office for the address of the next job.

What we did at Site2Site is put all the key job information in one place. Contacts to quickly call including the supervisor, notes about what’s been done already, who’s scheduled to be there, and of course the address to quickly get directions to the next job. It’s really simple, easy to use, yet incredibly ineffective. At Site2Site we want to keep you doing what you do best, and that is actual work. Don’t spend too much time with the office or paperwork, just quickly view everything you need to see on a job on one screen in the palm of your hand.

We’re all about saving you time on what prevents you from doing the work at hand.

As always, if you have any questions I am available at anytime – shoot me an email at alex@site2site.ca .