The only app your guys will actually want to use

The title says it all. Our app is designed for the people in the field. It’s simple, it’s user intuitive, and it’s easy to use. There’s really not that much training time needed, as the app takes a few swipes to figure out.

Why design an app like this?

Mobile Clock Out/Switch JobsIt’s simple. End of the day, getting data in real time from the field is a difficult task. It involves people who should be doing the plumbing, mechanical and HVAC, the carpentry, framing a door, putting the trusses in instead of trying to fill out a complicated program. That’s why we made it easy. With a few clicks of a button the office has the data they need from timesheets to tool tracking to know whether the job is on budget or not.

There’s also another reason. Implementing technology in a company is usually a huge pain. It can take months to explain all the various parts of the technology because simply, it’s not user friendly. We wanted to change that at Site2Site, and we’ve made implementation simple.

Basically, your first account is free. That is your organizational login, or for your entire company. You have access to our entire platform, we restrict nothing. Add jobs, tasks, set up your company. Add your equipment. And then when you are ready, add users so your company can login to the app. They’ll be able to immediately clock in and out to your jobs, scan tools, and much more. Why won’t it take long? You just get your people to download the app and they’ll immediately have access to everything. No, it will not take much time to figure the app out. Site2Site has seen that all our user report the app is extremely intuitive and user friendly and takes minutes to figure out.

So what are you waiting for, head to, create an account and download our app by searching “Site2Site” on the app or play store to see what I’m talking about.