Getting Started with Site2Site

One thing that we at Site2Site have not done too well on so far is user documentation. Explaining how to quickly set up our system is actually really simple, and this serves as a quick guide on how to get started. We’ll make this as easy as one, two, three steps.

First, sign up for free. You first account is free, and you can email us for a demo if you want a personalized explanation on how the different features of the app work as well.  This account serves as your organizational admin account, so you run everything from there.  You can download the app from the app or play store, and use your credentials to login to both the website and the app. If you have a blackberry, simply type “” in your browser to download the app.

Second, create a job and enter tasks (or cost codes). These are crucial to populate the app so your field workers can clock in, assign receipts to jobs, and view job information. Additionally, input a few tools to see how the scan feature works. Simply create a tool, click “QR Code”, and hover your phone over the QR code. There, you’ve checked a tool out. The web platform should be simple and easy to use, and to input any information simply hit the “+” button.

Third, is adding users to your account. Basically, we charge $20 a user per month for Site2Site, and then you can fill in the few fields to create users. Simply create a username for the employee, and enter their phone number and email. After you click submit, an automatic email will be sent to that person to allow them to download the app and set up their password.

The team at Site2Site can assist with any implementation and make it easy. That’s why we made Site2Site, so you spend less time doing paper work, and spend more time working.

Contact me at to book a free demo today.