Tutorials for Quicker and Easier Implementation

At Site2Site we’re continually adding new features and functionality. Part of that is improving user experience and learning. What we want to do is continually ensure this is the best construction program you will ever use, but also the easiest to figure out. That’s why we added a Tutorial.   Just click on the menu and you will see a question mark along with “help” at the bottom of the menu above “Logout”.  The tutorial is meant for anyone to click on a feature they wish to understand, and step by step guide them through the functionality.

Timecard questions? The Timecard tutorial will answer all questions related to any timekeeping questions you have. You have questions about how Jobs work? Receipts? Materials? We have answers in the Tutorial.

Of course, we are always available for questions, and you can always email me direct at alex@site2site.com.