Categorizing Jobs with Site2Site

Companies often have different types of jobs, or jobs based from different locations. Either way, it’s often necessary to categorize jobs based on different parameters from location to type of job. It is because of this that Site2Site has added a new feature that will allow companies to categorize jobs whether it be by location or office, or by type of job to differentiate. People in the field will then be allowed to select which jobs they wish to customize their app for, or basically view only jobs which are pertinent for them.

This allows people in the field to quickly view only jobs that are only applicable to them, which allows them to be far more efficient instead of scrolling through or viewing jobs that are not pertinent to them.

It’s this kind of thinking that is what makes Site2Site different. We know how construction works, and we build technology for the industry based on reality. Check out the new feature by signing up for a free account today at