Scheduling People by Job


As always, Site2Site responds to customer requests. So we’ve added a new view of schedules.

Site2Site has added a new view for the schedule, so people can see based on what job people are going to, so more of an overlooking view of schedules. Basically, on this new view, all the jobs are shown on the left with the dates on the top. In the middle, it shows the personnel who are going to that job so you have a more holistic view of who is going where. 

As shown above, on the “schedules” page, just click schedule by job to see this new view. Basically, it allows a more holistic view of who’s going to what job. Normal rules apply, just click the plus button to add a new schedule. To add a re-occurring schedule just extend the date, click on time and the “Batch Schedule” feature will appear. This will allow you to select the days in which you wish to have the personnel show up on this specific job.

As always, it’s as simple as trying it up. Sign up today at .