Never Lose Documentation Again – It’s All In One Place

Often, when running a project we’ll save our receipts, purchase orders, ¬†concrete slips or whatever documentation in random places on our computer, a file we’ll never find and only accessible from one location, or most likely ¬†– a physical folder locked in a cabinet somewhere.

Site2Site has solved this. Now on the jobs page you can add documents for costs on your job. Best part is, it’s accessible from any computer with an internet connection secured with your personal password and username. Just upload, it’s that simple. Basically, click on a job that you wish to add a document – from an invoice to a quote to anything in between – add a description an amount and boom, upload the document


If it’s a non monetary value just enter $o to save it, or save it under the same cost. This way you can see the progression of documentation. So from RFI, to Site Instruction, to quote, to contemplated change order, to change order.

Why did we do this? It’s simple. Site2Site is building the best construction platform for everyone.

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